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“Exactly what I thought I was getting, great flexibility for flips. I enjoyed being a part of something new and exciting.”

Porsche Passport member on the Porsche Passport program

“I feel like a little kid waiting for my next car!”

Porsche Passport member on the Porsche Passport program

“The Passport program exceeded my expectations. Concierge service was perfect."

Porsche Passport member on the Porsche Passport program

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  • Where is Porsche Passport available?

    Currently, Porsche Passport is available in Atlanta, GA; Las Vegas, NV; Phoenix, AZ; San Diego, CA; and Toronto, ON.

  • How does Porsche Passport pick the perfect vehicle for me?

    Think of us as your personal vehicle concierge service. Tell us about your needs and we will match them with the perfect ride. Road trip? Special date night? We've got you covered.

  • How does insurance work?

    Insurance is included with all Porsche Passport subscriptions. All approved drivers are covered by the Porsche Passport insurance policy. Policy highlights:

    • $1,000,000 liability coverage (combined single limit)
    • $300,000 uninsured motorist (combined)
    • $2,000 medical payments to offset any out of pocket or deductible costs
    • $1,000 deductible
    • All values listed are USD. For Canadian values, please see here.

  • How long can I keep a vehicle?

    As long as you want!

    There are no restrictions on how long or how short your flips can be. Occasionally, when a vehicle has been with a member for many weeks, we might need to ask for it back so that we can do routine tasks like preventive maintenance. However, we'll flip you into a fresh vehicle that is similar to the one you currently have.